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Before we get starting talking more about finance, I'll give you some information about myself, and what this blog is all about.

The Military Millionaire is a blog for those of us who serve in the military past, present and future. If you are thinking about joining, work for the U.S. government, or just want someone to answer your financial questions...this is the place for you as well.

This blog addresses how to become financially secure while you are in and out of the military. Anyone who joins can become a military millionaire. Life can be tough, but serving in the military can give you a serious advantage financially.

Who am I?

My name is Gary Ober, and in 1999 I enlisted in the United States Army. I have been fascinated with money from the age of three. I started working when I was 14 holding many different jobs along the way. I have a degree Bachelor in Business Finance and an MBA. I am currently pursuing my CPA.

I have a passion for writing and talking about finance and money. I started writing my book the Military Millionaire in 2004 as my way to thank the men and women serving this great nation in hopes they can improve their financial situation. In 2012 I decided to start blogging prior to the launching of this book.

I have been managing and training individuals with financial portfolios since 2004.  Managing everything from helping clients remove poor performing mutual funds to having a truly diversified portfolio. Through training and managing portfolios could include assets in stocks, bonds, real estate, solar and wind power, commodities such as agriculture, gold and silver. 
I am married with 3 kids.  I met my wife while serving in South Korea.  We have been married for 10 years.

Where have I worked?

When I was 14 I began working at the YMCA as a sports referee.  I started working to help my parents pay for the private school I attended.  Yes, I was paid minimum wage of $4.25 per hour...but after taxes it was much less.

Listed below are the places I worked, for how long, my age, and my hourly pay:

  • Blimpies - Front register (3 months, 16, $4.25)
  • Wendy's  - Front register (3 months, 16, $5.00)
  • Taco Bell - Front register (1.5 years, 16-17, $5.08-$5.38)
  • Manpower - Assembly line (1 week, 18, $6.25)
  • Wendy's - Front register (3 months, 18, $5.75)
  • WSU Nutter Center - Parking attendant (2 months, 19, $7.00)
  • U.S. Army - 74C Telecommunications (4 years, 20-24, E2-E4 $16.83)
  • Sears - Jewelry Sales part time (8 months, 24, $7.25-$7.35)
  • Robert Half - Office Team administrative temp (3 months, 25, $10)
  • General Dynamics - Admin Assistant part time (2 years, 25-27, $14-16)
  • AFLAC - Insurance Sales Associate (1 month, 25, $0)
  • SDA Language School - ESL teacher Korea (3 months, 27, $9.23+ housing)
  • Reynolds and Reynolds - Corporate Recruiter (1 year, 28, $15.38-$15.72)
  • Rogers Jewelers - Sales Associate and Glass Cleaner (1 year, 28, $9)
  • Robert Half - IT recruiter (2 months, 28, $17.79)
  • Fidelity Investments - Stockbroker (6 months, $19.23, 29)
  • U.S. Air Force - Financial Manager (1.5 years, 32, $33.65)
  • U.S. Air Force - Cost Analyst (5.5 years and counting, 36, $47.43)

What is the Military Millionaire?

Basically I feel from my experiences in the military (both enlisted and civilian) and the perception outside the military that people do not truly grasp the amount of money military members make or can make. Those in the military (or civilian) already it is my hope to enhance your knowledge if you choose you can retire as Military Millionaire.

What are my interests?

I love to play basketball, table tennis, and pool. I enjoy playing video games, gardening, building things, taking things apart, coaching, reading, singing and movies among many other interests. I am all about diversity of knowledge and the diversity of people which makes this country great!

I  have my own YouTube channel called Gary's Garage.

Am I willing to be a speaker on finance?

You bet! I love training and educating those willing to listen.

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