Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My candid interview with Donald Trump

I've been a fan of Donald Trump probably since 2003 when I started reading many financial books while going to Wright State University.  Most of my attention was on Real Estate investing and the stock market.  So, I logically picked Trump and Warren Buffett as my mentors.  The interview began because Trump and I became friends pretty much after I read the Art of the Deal much like all red blooded Americans.  I've read The America We Deserve and Think Big and Kick A$$ to name a few others.  I enjoyed watching the Apprentice and thought it was an entertaining and educational show.  However, I did have a falling out with Trump a few years ago.  I cannot remember the exact reason, however I'm sure it had to do with some of his outlandish comments on Fox News.  Everything up until then seemed somewhat reasonable.

My interview with Mr. Trump took place in one of his cars (I believe it was a Lincoln). Trump was driving and Ivanka Trump was in the passenger seat.  I was in the back seat asking questions.  (Full disclosure much like Yahoo! News articles that suck you in with their title and after reading you feel empty and ticked off.  This interview took place in my dream last night, but I felt it was news worthy)

I admit during some of the interview I found myself staring at Ivanka and Trump's magical hair.  Seemed I wasn't paying attention to what Trump had to say (Still working on my dream controlling abilities).   As I'm interviewing Trump I did find it odd he was driving.  I would have thought we'd all be in the back of his Limo, but perhaps he was just showing me he was a normal person just like you and me.

My first question..."Mr. Trump if you are serious about running for president, why didn't you run for Governor of New York."  I thought it was a valid question.  After all Ronald Reagan was an actor, but at least he was developed into a real politician and showed he could govern a real state.  Which begs to question, why more governors aren't running for President.  Serving in the Military and governing a state are two qualifications most Americans could probably agree as important steps in becoming President.  To become commander in chief it is logical to have some military background.  Obviously more important than both of those qualification is popularity, which always goes in the toilet after elected.

Trump seemed to act normal to all of my questions as he did in his books.  Unfortunately, I cannot recall any of his responses to my many questions.  I woke up energized by my dream and it turned out to be a pretty good day.