Sunday, July 15, 2012

Elvis Impersonation - with kids

When it comes to sales...very few people can sell as well as children.  Why?  Kids for the most part can be fearless.  Plus the fact that most people these days are so afraid of hurting someones feelings that they cannot refuse.

How do I know that kids can sell?  Just take a look at girl scout cookies.  According to the Wall Street Journal, sales were $714 million annual.  I cannot remember how much it is per box, but I think it was $3 last time I checked.  Compared to the boy scouts...girls I'm positive sells tons more than boys.  Not only in volume, but gross sales.  If you look at boy scout products they aren't even worth buying with popcorn at like $9.  What a rip off!

We have been teaching Ashley our oldest daughter many new skills outside of what she learns in school.  She has been practicing her piano, learning Korean, and I just started teaching her how to sing and perform.  This was our very first take after all the crying stopped from her telling me she couldn't sing. 

Let's face the facts people...almost everyone can sing.  Whether or not you can sing like those who get paid millions is irrelevant.  Having fun singing with the family is something that you cannot put a price tag on.  Most people love a live performance.  I have yet to have performed something so bad that I wouldn't perform ever again.  I know I am not the best singer, but life is about having a good time.  As long as that continues, and you don't get booed off the stage...then keep on rocking!

I've watched and read a good deal about Elvis.  Even he got better and better as time went on.  He was shy on stage like everyone else.  He did overcome his shyness through experience, but you need to get that experience to overcome it.  It's like having any type of fear.  Fear of the water for example...given enough time you'll overcome that fear.  However, most people do not spend the time required to overcome their phobias.

My daughter told me she couldn't sing.  I as a father, it isn't my job to are right...go watch some TV.  NO!  You do what it takes to get them to overcome whatever fear they may have.  The video I showed above was after 1 hour of fighting with my daughter.  She was crying and saying she couldn't do it.  One hour later...she did pretty well for the first time singing.

I am not a good enough song and dance man to perform as Elvis by myself.  Having my daughter perform with me will increase the overall experience for everyone exponentually.  So, get out there!

If you don't have kids who cares!  Have some fun with your friends! 

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