Saturday, June 23, 2012

Truth about Gleim Refund

If you have read a few articles here, you'd know that I have been studying for the CPA exam for the past 4 months.  I can think of much more exciting and fun things I could have been doing in this time, but I'm too busy thinking about qualified verse unqualified reports.

Anyways...I purchased the Gleim CPA review program that cost me about $1000 after tax and shipping.  In my opinion, the program was terrible.  I'm certain that if you were a 4.0 student in high school and college, the program would have worked great.  For someone who is a B student, it was awful for several reasons.

Reason number was boring.  Not that studying for the CPA is exciting, but I wanted to pull my hair out trying to pay attention to the PowerPoint presentations.  Reason number two, the customer service was terrible.  I have countless e-mails going back and forth trying to get my refund.  Communication with my "personal" councilor was a joke.  She congratulated me for failing my exam.

How Gleim refund works is you have to fail all 4 parts to get your money back AND use their system the whole way through.  I'm sorry, but I got tired of failing.  So, if you like frustration, and want to fail all four parts, you can get your money back up about 50%.  Plus when I looked at the Auditing part of the material, I knew I just couldn't go on using this system.  I told them I wanted a refund for the whole thing, but they only refunded 2 sections.  I got $212 back.  This is about a 20% refund.  $424 is probably the most that you could get back.

From here out I have am going with Yeager.  I wrote about my problems I had with Becker in a previous article, and Yeager seemed to have good ratings.  The Wiley CPA book is what they walk you through, and after going through the course I feel much better about the material.  Will I pass the exam on the first attempt?  Probably not, but it certainly was much better going through the materials than what I had to go through with Gleim.

Gleim did have a good test system as far as testing format.  The tests looked just like the real exam.  However, the questions that Gleim gave were much more difficult than what was on the real exam.  What I mean by difficult doesn't mean that the questions were any harder, but rather the Gleim questions seems more wordy.

If I worked at a CPA firm that paid my way...I'd go with Becker.  Whether or not Yeager is right for you depends...I can say if I could do it all over again, I would have started with Yeager from the beginning.

Oh, and another tip.  Yeager tells you to take the tests in this order...FAR, AUD, REG, BEC.  Lucky for me I did the opposite!  Don't make the same mistakes that I did!


  1. No worries about've successfully convinced me to NEVER take the CPA exam.

    1. Every day I question myself as to why I am doing this. It was a goal I set in high school. I'm pretty sure I would have an easier time getting a PhD in business or economics.


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